Numbers everywhere

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

After the second lesson yesterday, there is no way I’m going to teach counting the way the same way!

Why, you ask?

Basically, teaching children to count, or rather teaching Mathematics is not really by explaining, oh no-no! You don’t explain to children when introducing concept.

So how, you ask?

Its easy, just follow this chant : I DO, WE DO, YOU DO … Remember this chant when you are teaching children Mathematics. Children learn by role modeling, so by showing them the examples and then doing it together as a group will really help them understanding the concept without really explaining it. Cool isn’t…

Anyway, I really like to share with you on Rational counting. What’s that? The definition of Rational counting is saying a number for each item/object and understanding that the number you say for the last item represents the total of the objects in the set. 


Don’t get to excited too when you see children count as they may just do Rote counting instead of Rational counting. You will know if they do Rational counting when the number they say for the last item represents the total of the objects in the set. e.g. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.., I have 5 sweets in my pocket.

I am sure, we do come across those who don’t know how to count. How is that possible?

Well. here are the factors that they may not have or may not know therefore the reason for not able to count:

  • Classify
  • Rote counting in English language of course
  • One to one correspondence
  • Appreciate the number represent the size of the sets

Ten frame is a great tool to use when teaching children in learning basic numbers and help children develop counting, addition, subtraction skills,

Illuminations: Ten Frame is an interactive game in which you can play with the children online. You can also make your very own ten frame using egg cartons, laminated grid cards and counters. Happy doing!


Let’s play this!

This is for two players. Using kidney bean or counters, select any number less than 20. Take turns to subtract either 1 or 2. The winner is the player who gets to zero. Think about the strategy to win the game.


Happy Playing! Till next time.


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