Day Three

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yesterday lesson was interesting as I got another new insight on teaching children addition.

The first problem of the night was using two digit numbers and add it with another two digit number and get another two digit number. Confusing enough? Well here’s what I got.Slide1

We had  2 quizzes too and were only given 15-20 minutes to solve it. I didn’t have much problem with the 1st one but rather the second as I wasn’t too sure on enrichment activity. So it took me a while to write the answers. Well to share, enrichment are learning activities that provide depth and breadth  according to the child abilities and needs. I think I didn’t answer it correctly. Boo.. Hoo.. Hoo..

Ouh well! I learned a fun way in introducing fraction too. Let’s try it.

Use a piece of paper to represent any object e.g. chocolate, cheese, cake, etc. Find different ways for it be shared equally among 4 persons. Can you do it?

Well we did! Lots of it, happy trying though.. Ouh and last thing before I signing off, it is called 1 quarter or 1 fourth and not 1 upon 4 or 1 over four, yar!


Adios then. Till we meet again!


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