Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Highlight of yesterday lesson was geometry, the last problem of the night.

Problem 17

Use the Geoboard to explore geometric concepts of area and perimeter. Can we make shapes that is bigger than the given square? What sort of shapes maximize area?

It was fun as I got to explore with different kind of polygons.


How do we count the area? The class came up with various ways.

1. We counted the number of squares in the polygon or shapes.

2. we counted the line from one dot to another dot and then divide the total by 2.



The third and the final method we found out from Dr Yeap was from Georg Alexandra Pick, he did this -> A= Perimeter/2 + i(dot inside the shape) – 1, to get the area. Cool Huh!

At the end of the night, we also discover that the maximum size of shape that we got was 12!

You can also try to explore yourself with your children. Challenge yourself if you can find the size of the shapes more than 12.

You can either do it using concrete geoboard or can go to Math Playground-Geometry Board if you prefer to play online.

Happy Trying!


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