Last Day of Class!!

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

This last day of class sure was fun. We reviewed all the concepts that we did from the previous nights. Dr Yeap shared onDivision Meanings’  There were:

  1. Share by
  2. Groupings

It’s funny how whatever that were taught to me in my school years won’t imply now. Look at the picture below. Apparently this was the incorrect way in doing the division.. Arrggghhh!!! Yeay! That was my reaction too when I got to know it.

Well, this however is the way to do the division using differentiated approach. How I wished I was taught this during my school years. I WOULD DEFINITELY impart this knowledge to the future generations.

We had fun making our own rectangle  box that was few size bigger than what was being given too.

                                                                             .facebook_1445560437             20130928_102257

Lastly, we were introduced to the game SALUTE!

The rules of the game were:

  1.  This game consists of 3 players (A, B and C)
  2. You need cards with digit 0-9 on it.
  3. Player B will say Salute
  4. Player A and C will have to place the one card on their foreheads
  5. Player B will multiply the two numbers
  6. Player A and C will then have to guess the numbers on the their cards.

I believe this is a fun game in doing multiplication. I would really thank Dr Yeap for introducing all the interesting games to play with. Happy playing all!


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