Posted: September 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s been such a long time I stepped foot at a museum, and I took advantage of roaming around when we were given a chance to explore while finding an artwork for our group task. I can’t help but to be captivated by the art pieces. There were so much concept to be taught using the various arts in the museum,

Hey! I learnt something new about multiplication too. Dr Yeap shared the 4 meanings that were stated in the Elementary Mathematics, (p. 168)

  1. Equal groups
  2. Comparison Model
  3. Area Model
  4. Combination meanings

The highlight problem of the night would be finding the area of the triangle. Have you ever wondered why the three angles in the triangle always end up to 180°.

The first solution was to fold the triangle into half and it showed that the two folded triangle has an equal right angle.

The second solution was contributed by my course mate, Rowena . She came out with a new discovery that was by tearing all the three angles from the triangle up and then put them together, they would always ended up in a straight line that is half of the circle = 180°


Amazing Discovery isn’t?!

Well that it from me. Adios!


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